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Bottle blond simon jordan brings snowboarding to book Not that you get any sense of this from his forthcoming life story, refreshing though its candour may somewhat be:It starts off with a confession that he has lost a 75 million fortune(Largely founded on the cellular phone boom)As well as the paraphrased adage that"A fool and his money were lucky to get together at the outset, Jordan's losses on structure, which he spent a decade taking from managing to liquidation, are estimated at much more than half of the 75 million and, although that will not make him unusual(Retain mark goldberg? )He laces the story with wit.Few criminals are taken.Dwight yorke, asked why football players were so slow in bidding at a charity auction,"Blathered about loss of as much money ... Read more »

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Bots you probably shouldn't have relations with From the time of the second film, evil terminators have fallen with morph like shape shifting abilities.In t2 just make weapons out of their forearms, but i am not saying they're all work and no play:At one point in t3 the terminatrix enhances the size of her breasts to distract a policeman who pulled her over.Obviously if or when, at the concept of having a girlfriend who can enhance any part of her body at will makes you say,"Wow, that is going to get us out of countless traffic tickets, then you could be not using your imagination enough. What do you get when you put together the actual and lightning?Right this moment, we all know that what you get is a call to tech support and a conversation with a guy who ... Read more »

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